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Tôm hùm xanh sống

Tôm hùm baby tươi ngon, giá rẻ

Tôm hùm baby tươi ngon, giá rẻ

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Referring to lobster, people often think of delicacy and expensive seafood, but baby lobster dish makes many people love because the price is relatively "popular", suitable for fun or meals Daily rice.

In recent days, baby lobsters grown in the waters of Phu Yen and Nha Trang are being sought by housewives. Referring to lobsters, people often think of extremely expensive and expensive coastal delicacies, but this baby lobster dish makes many people love because the price is relatively "popular" compared to other types of shrimp Other lobster, suitable for fun or daily feast. Green lobsters are more popular but economically, baby lobsters are preferred by customers.


Baby lobsters are not as big as other lobsters so they are quite small, but not so cheap compared to other types. Baby lobster sold fresh, the price must be up to over 1 million VND / kg, while the frozen lobster is cheaper, the price will depend on the size of the shrimp. In the near future, the specialties of the sea are extremely popular, not only on the dining table, the gentlemen call for more aiming items, but the housewives themselves also buy aggressively for the whole family to enjoy.

The best baby lobster has to be the ones grown in Phu Yen, Cam Ranh, and Nha Trang. The type of baby lobster raised here is among the top in the country, fresh and sweet, characteristic aromatic meat.

If you want to know whether shrimp is fresh or not, look at the color of shrimp shells, when the meat cooked, make it sweet, eat and hear the crunchy sound of the ribs and the fibers of the shrimp. Baby shrimp size 4 - 6 shrimp/kg is the most ordered by many women because of the reasonable price, the number of shrimp is also reasonable for the whole family to enjoy.

Because lobsters are harvested quite well, the amount of goods sold on the market is high, so that this expensive dish gradually becomes more popular. In recent days, urban visitors have come to the place to choose the freshest lobsters to enjoy.

Shrimp stocked from August to October every year, after 12-15 months, depending on the size of shrimp that can be harvested. Shrimp farming is most afraid of storms, but now the weather is stable, so baby lobster is giving a good yield. Shrimp at this time did not worry about being creaked, less meat, so they bought and ate carefreely. Good-growing lobsters sell a lot to the market, so customers know more, order more. Because baby lobster small weight should become a popular item many women order to enjoy. Nowadays, baby peeling lobster is very popular, because this type of shrimp is thin, thick meat bites submerged teeth.


Lobster when molting to mature is the weakest time, people will follow the process of peeling shrimp, take out the weak ones, it is difficult to grow more to freeze storage, then transported quickly to stores across the country. This type of shrimp has extremely thin shells, a lot of meat, and does not make the effort to pick up the shell, the weight of the meat is much higher than that of ordinary shrimp, so the price of this type is somewhat higher than the normal one. More expensive than that, but this type is very popular, many women buy not only for immediate food processing but also for making meat, gradually feeding the baby is also very good.

In addition, baby lobster is also processed into a lot of delicious and nutritious dishes such as steamed shrimp, grilled shrimp, grilled cheese, roasted shrimp tamarind, ...


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